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Talking Lots with The Pavement Group

Mar 18, 2023

-Tyler shared what drove him to become  a D1 Walk On at a Big 10 school

- Trudi shares her take on juggling life as a busy sports mom and the TPG office Mom. 

-These Cubmates share the secret to keeping the work day fun-hint decorate the cube for every holiday. 

-And of course, we discuss...

Mar 10, 2023

-Bob shares the history of RFMA 

-Jenna wonders what a Puffy Taco tastes like

-Eli shares his secrets for a good Trade Show 

- And some weather discussions….


Mar 1, 2023

Todd and Tony host the dynamic Project Coordinator Duo of Paige and Jenna:

  • How the heck did y’all end up here? 

  • The time when Jenna and Paige were almost competing Pergogi’s?!?

  •  Too much fun stuff to get into the weather. (Well maybe a little bit)