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Talking Lots with The Pavement Group

Jun 12, 2020

Episode 4 - Adapting Your Parking Lots to the Changing Times Some of the topics that we cover in this podcast include:

1. Why having your parking lot portfolio assessed and compiled digitally in an easy to understand format makes every pivot/change that comes along much easier.

2. As the world leans more toward convenience and a “pick-up/drive-thru culture”, every business and commercial property will be challenged to adapt. What will that look like for you and your properties?

3. Exactly how to plan for these types of adjustments with an overall portfolio-driven approach using technology to ensure transparency and consistency in the planning and rollout.

4. When you should not get an engineering firm involved in this type of planning…and when they’re definitely needed.

5. Our understanding of these types of regional/national rollouts for large portfolios at The Pavement Group and the challenges you could face along the way if you don’t choose the right contractor to work with.