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Talking Lots with The Pavement Group

Jul 3, 2023

On this episode of Talking Lots, our host Todd interviews Tre Tipton and Vinnie Candelore about life at the Pavement Group and how an artist and an athlete found their ways to a paving company. The guys also talk about their personal faith and how it has influenced their lives. This is a fun one, make sure you check it...

Jun 9, 2023

-How does Nate generate so much content? 

-Is starting a business at 16 tough? 

-Nate shares his Home Tattoo secrets 

-What’s the weather like working construction in AZ?


May 19, 2023

-Who is Davis Stepanian and how do you pronounce it?

-How survivalist weekends are actually relaxing. 

-Why did David and his friends create a US History Podcast? 

-And that all important Northern PA camping weather update


May 14, 2023

-Trisha talks about her journey to TPG

-How do two working parents make quality time with 4 kids?

-What’s one question Trish wishes we had asked? 

-And of course-We get a North Carolina weather update.